Believe it or not, I sometimes get people asking me if I sell prints of my photography.

Unfortunately, right now the answer is "no".

I have sold a number of signed, limited edition prints in the past, and I am thinking about offering them again in the future. But I have yet to decide on the best format for their presentation.

Some of my considerations are:

  • Print longevity - Most normal photographic prints fade after a number of years. There are photographic papers and processes that will last for much longer than your typical drug store print but I have not decided on which one would be best for the type of photography I do and for hanging on a wall in someone's home or office.

  • Image proportions - I shoot a lot of 6x6 transparencies and in fact, I personally like the square image. However, most people are not accustomed to square images and frames are not readily available. I am not opposed to croping my images but consistently cropping them to the same specifications all the time is a little difficult. And once cropped and presented, does that mean I must exclude any variation I may "discover" in the future? There is no good answer to this dilemma

  • Production runs - Along the lines of not being able to crop exactly the same way every time, it would be very difficult to have prints made at different times come out looking identical in cropping, color, brightness, etc. This would lead to variations between prints in the same series, which I do not want.
    Ideally, it would be best to produce the entire run at one time, but I simply do not have the funds to do that at this time.
So, for now I must refrain from selling any limited edition prints of my work.

However, two postcards were produced from my photographs, "An Incredible Flight" and "Four Palms".

These postcards can be found on racks around Hawaii, but I myself do not sell them.


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